DC12V/24V High CRI Side Emitting LED Tape Light - 3014SMD 36LEDs/ft - Creating Lighted Channel Letters - 277 Lumens/ft - FPCB 8mm

60W/Roll, 12W/M, 3.65W/Feet

12/24 VDC Input, 4550LM/Roll, 277LM/Feet

Waterproof Grade ( Optional)

CRI(Ra>) 95

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Our universal Side emitting LED strip lights features 3014 Epistar SMD LEDs. Low voltage (12/24VDC) Side emitting LED lighting comes in a flexible ultra sleek thin PCB strip. Side emitting LED Strip available in daylight white (6000-6500K), natural white(4000-4500K), warm white(2700-3200K), cool white(7000-9000K), red, blue, green, amber, pink, cold blue, orange, purple.

Side Emitting LED Strip shines light out to one side of the Flex Strip, rather than straight up. This means that it can be concealed yet still illuminate something from the side. Ideal for creating lighted channel letters such that the lighting emits from the side rather than standard strips that emit light from the surface top.

Like our other LED Flex Strips, Side emitting strip has strong adhesive backing for easy installation. Cut-able LED Strip to size at each 3-6 LED intervals at marking points.

Our Flex Strips come with lead wires to enable easy connection to the Class 2 LED Power supply. The base of the Flex Strips are flat and flexible. Easily mountable LED Strip onto clean dry surfaces free of burrows. Its small size and low voltage makes this lighting ideal for a wide range of applications.

You can use our single color Dimmer Switches (sold separately) to control LED strip lights, you can also use our 0~10V dimming driver or DMX512 to control your LED strip lights. 

We are a manufacturer, we have large number of other types of flexible LED strip lights, we are able to customized specialty strips for your project to inculde custom colors, lengths, CRI, width, voltage, brightness, and more. Contact us!

If you are a puchaser or wholesaler please contact our Sales Manager.  If you want to build a large LED smart lighting system that requires technical support, please contact our Engineer



Package Parameters

LED Strip Type:     Flexible Side Emitting LED Strip Lights
LED Chip:     3014 SMD
Light Color:     Daylight White/Warm White/Natural White/Red/Blue/Green/Yellow
Number of LEDs in Unit:     600 LEDs 
SMD Density:     36 SMDs/ft
LEDs per Segment:     3LEDs/12V, 6LEDs/24V
Strip Width:    8mm(0.31")
Input Voltage(V):     12/24 VDC
Working Power:     60W 5Amp 12V, 60W 2.5Amp 24V, 12W/M, 3.65W/Feet
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm):      10-12LM/LEDs, 4550LM/Roll, 277LM/Feet
Color Temperature CCT:     Daylight White(6000-6500K), Warm White(2800-3200K), Natural White(4000-4500K)
Wavelength NW(RGBY):     Red(620-630nm), Green(515-525nm), Blue(465-475nm), Yellow(585-595)
CRI(Ra>):     95
Strip Finish:     White
Beam Angle:      120 degree
Connection Type:      Pigtail
Dimmable:      Yes
Max Run:     5M(16.4feet)
Polarity Sensitive:     Yes
Suitable for Vehicles:     Yes
IP Rating:      Non-Waterproof/ Waterproof IP65/ Waterproof IP67/ Waterproof IP68
LED lifetime:     50,000 Hours
Working Temperature:     -4°F (-20°C) ~ 122°F (50°C)
Storage Temperature:   -40°F (-40°C) ~ 176°F (80°C)
Dimension:     L500cm(196.8") x W0.8cm(0.31") x H0.20cm(0.08")
Wire Length:   13.5in(34.3cm)
Certification:     CE/RoHS Compliant/ETL/UL Listed
Package Weight:    13.4oz(0.38kg)


Package Applications

For Indoor Use:
Exhibition Lighting, Retail Shop Lighting, Museum Lighting, Art Gallery Lighting, Indoor Photography Lighting, Studio Office Lighting, Trade Show Lighting, Display / Jewelry Case Lighting, Creating Lighted Channel Letters, Small Space, Narrow Space
For Outdoor Use:
LED Task Lighting, Off Grid Lighting, Energy Efficient New Construction, Cove LED Lighting, Bias Lighting, Architectural Lighting, Above Cabinet Lighting


Package Product Size


Package Waterproof Grade

We can do different waterproof levels for the LED strip for variable use: (Please click here to know more information about waterproof  )

IP20 Non-waterproof: The PCB surface of the bare. With self-adhesive back. available indoor;

IP65 Waterproof: With Silicone glue or epoxy resin, can prevent the splashing water invade, with self-adhesive 3M back side, For Outdoor(under the roof)& Indoor(Humid environment,ex: kitchen)

IP67 Waterproof: With Silicone Tube Outside, hollow, Best way to control the color consistency for waterproof strip, It can make the light more evenly distributed and increase the beam angle, can prevent the big wave water invade; available indoor and outdoor.

IP68 Waterproof: Silicone tube inject silicone glue or silicone extrusion molding, top level of waterproof, completely prevent dust and water invade; available indoor, For Outdoor can put inside of the water.


Package Color and Color Temperature

Our Flexible Quad Row LED strip lights have 8 single colors, including 4 different color temperature white LED strips, please see photo as below to find out what kind of color temperature LED strip light you should choose. (How to choose the color temperature for your led lighting project)

led strip light color temperature value

Different single color lighting effects, please see photo as below ( Why should you choose single color LED strip lights rather than RGB LED strip lights?)

led strip light application value


Package Why Should You Choose High Color Rendering Index(CRI) 95 LED Strip Lighting

Can’t tell the ture color of your vegetables in your kitchen? Could be that your current lighting source has a very low CRI! Not all lights can be 100% show ture color of object. Don’t worry, on our store we have the highest CRI LED strip lights. Color Rendering Index (CRI) is the measurement of how colors look under a light source when compared with sunlight. The index is measured from 0-100, with a perfect 100 indicating that colors under the light source appear the same as they would under natural sunlight. 

led strip light Color Rendering Index


led accessories How To Connect LED Strip Lights

When you choose power supply, the wattage is the key, the wattage you choose depends on the LENGTH and TYPE of the LED flex strip light you are using for your project. The correct power supply needed for your LED lighting project is easy to calculate.

It’s never a good idea to continuously run any electronic circuit at maximum capacity. For best results, add an additional 20% margin to your calculations. For example, if your total power consumption is 100 watts, add 20% (watts x 1.2) and assume it’s 120 watts. Then continue to perform your calculations for power supplies and wire gauges. This will protect your system to make it last longer and operate more safely.

When the constant voltage (DC) strip lights length more than 5 meters (16.4'), there will be a voltage drop in the light strip. In order to have the same brightness for your LED light strip, please put power supply at the both ends. When you connect more than 5 meters (16.4') of LED strip lights, remember that every 5 meters need power supply separately.

The following is our UL Listed power supply come with 3 years warranty. Please choose your wattage from 10W to 3000W.

led strip light Color Rendering Index

Please click the Connection Diagram to see how to connect multiple LED strip lights with one or more power supply, how to use dimmers to install LED strip lights and how to use amplifiers to complete large lighting project.


led accessories What Accessories do you need?

If you want to get a complete LED strip lighting kit, you need the following products:

1. LED Strip lights (We have single row and multiple row LED strips for you to choose, we have more than 200 type of LED light strips, please choose the right LED light strips for your project, click here to know more type of LED light strips you need)

2. Make sure you have enough wattage for your power supply (please select the right voltage and output power to ensure total output power is 1.2 times of total wattage)

3. Dimmer (If you want to adjust the brightness of your LED strips, please purchase your favorite dimmer, on our store we have Rotated/Switch/RF/IR/WIFI/Bluetooth all different kinds of dimmers)

4. Amplifiers (Now you have dimmer,but the power of your LED strip lights more than your dimmer's output power, it's time for you to use our single color amplifiers, we recommend you to connecting an amplifier in every 5 meters (16.4') LED strip lights

5. 2-pin power cables (Power cables are suitable for connection between LED tape lights and power supply, LED tape light and dimmer, LED tape lights and amplifier, dimmer and amplifier, it's also suitable for connect between AC and power supply, or when your power supply is slightly away from the pace you install your LED strip lights, you need power cable to extend the distance, we recommend you to use 0.75 spuare millimeters power cables when your LED strip light is more than 100W. Use 1.0 square millimeters LED tape lights when your LED tape lights is more than 200W.)

6. Connecters (To help you complete your project fast, click single color LED tape lights accessories)

power-suppply.pngdimmers-accessoriesConnectors and accessorieschoose-your-led-strip-Length


led accessories About LED Aluminum Profile Series

If you do not want the light to be too dazzle, or you want to change this Flexible LED Strip lights into something similar to T8 tube light, you can use our aluminum channel profile series products. We have many shapes of led aluminum channel profile for the Quad Rows LED strip light, such as LSH-BAPL017 and so on, our aluminum profile series can make the light more flexible, the light is more soft, easy to cooling, look more nicer, please click the link to buy our LED Aluminum Profile series.

LED Aluminum Channel Profiles


led accessories Packing List

1x 5m (16.4 ft) LED strip lights
1x Antistatic aluminum bag
2x wire connector
1x Desiccant bag

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LEDs Color Daylight White
Input Voltage N/A
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